"Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace"

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Статья знакомит с самой яркой и наиболее посещаемой туристами церемонией в Лондоне, ивестной как смена караула в Букингемском дворце.Материал статьи может быть использован для проведения уроков в 9 классе по теме "Great Britain"

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Changing the Guard, or Guard Mounting, is a formal and important ceremony in many countries. But Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace is one of the oldest and most attractive ceremonies in the world.





The Queen’s troops have guarded the sovereign and the royal palaces since 1660. Changing the Guard in London is a ceremony that originated in the 1790s. When Queen Victoria moved into Buckingham palace in 1837 the queens troops remained at the old St. James Palace. The original Guards from England were the Grenadiers. They were the tallest and the finest soldiers, picked for their stature and strength not less than 190 centimeters to throw grenades which weighed about 2.2 kg.

Bearskin hat


The Grenadiers wear bearskin caps 30 cm high, which make them seen even taller. The bearskin cap by tradition is made of Canadian grizzly bear skin.



The Household Guards march from the Chelsea and Wellington Barracks through the streets, through the Northern gate into the Palace court. The Guards are led by a drum major under the tattoo of drums and band. The soldiers are chosen from five regiments of the Foot Guards known as the Brigade of Guards of the Queen and Royal family (body-guards). They consist of the Grenadiers who lead the parade, then the Coldstream Guards followed by the Welsh, Irish and Scots Guards. Each regiment bears two colours (banners): their own and the Royal flag when the Queen is at the Palace. The Guard is on duty for 24 hours and as it enters the Palace Gate, the Guard to be freed from duty stands at attention in files (rows) until the Guard on duty is halted opposite them. Then the captains of the Guard exchange salutes, the band begins to play, the Guard off duty parades in a slow ceremonial march out of the Palace through the South Gate to barracks.

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Guards Schedule Times

Guard Mounting at Buckingham Palace takes place at 11.30 am. Guard Mounting takes place on alternate dates during Autumn and Winter but takes place everyday during peak tourist season of Spring and Summer. There is no Guard Mounting in very wet weather.

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