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The symbol of England - Cheddar Cheese (Cheddar)

Cheddar - cheese from cow's milk, is one of the most famous and oldest cheese of England. History of this cheese has begun at the time of the Romans, who first showed the locals how to make hard cheeses. His name he acquired in the XVI century, when the cheese began to boil the milk of cows grazing on the green hills of Mendip in the village of Cheddar, in Somerset County. Much later emigrants moved his recipe for cheese in Canada, USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Since then, around the world, many dairies have tried to imitate the taste of English Cheddar, but the real Cheddar cheese can be called only one that makes one of the four counties of England, Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. Cheese of origin is protected by the EU and it has been categorized PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). Traditionally it was thought that it was possible to produce Cheddar at a distance of 30 miles (45 km) from the cathedral in Wales.
This luxurious pastures for hilly terrain covered with lush greenery, just designed to produce a rich taste of cheese, with a fresh nutty flavor. It produces great cheeses weighing about 27-54 kg, which are wrapped in cloth, stand up for the next two years.

Good to know:

Origin: England, Somerset
Type: Traditional, farmhouse, unpasteurized, hard cheese
Source: cow's milk
Exposure time: 6-24 months
Weight and shape: 27 kg, cylindrical, or in blocks
Size: 32 cm in diameter and 26 cm in height
Fat content: 45-48%
100 g 405 kcal

How is cheddar

First stage - the starter. Fresh milk is heated, then as a starter enzymes are added to the milk curdle and sour. Formation of curd grains and whey. After that, the mixture was poured into a shallow tank - the so-called "cooler."
2nd stage - chedderizatsiya. During the manufacture of Cheddar cheese, a special additional process, chedderizatsiya, during which the curd clots, which are separated from the whey, begin to stick together, forming a single curd. In an open bath of such a layer of cheese is cut into blocks. Then flip the blocks repeatedly, a process which removes the remaining whey, the cheese takes on a characteristic acidity and texture.
Third stage - the cutting and filling in forms. After chedderizatsii resulting cheese layer is cut into pieces and add salt to it before you move it to a cylindrical shape. Each cylinder of cheese weighs about 27 kg.
4th stage - the press, and wraps. Complete the form with the shift in the cheese press. A few days later cheeses are moved into the hot water and wrapped in cloth. This allows the outer layer of their "breathing" and still maintain their traditional form.
5th stage - an excerpt. Then the cheese is left in rooms with controlled temperature for subsequent exposure. Here it is periodically inverted and test readiness taste of cheese. A good cheddar is aged two and sometimes three years.

What is it to taste

In his book about cheese Juliette Harbutt describes the unique taste of Cheddar: "Try non-pasteurized milk cheddar from those cows whose daily diet consists of green grass, buttercups and daisies, then try a slice of a miracle." Its taste it compares with a firm and elastic chocolate that has a fresh nutty flavor. Cheddar, usually has an intense sweet flavor with a touch of sour.
Depending on the speed and technology of cheese, the color of Cheddar ranges from white and pale yellow to yellow and even pronounced orange tint.
You can find a young Cheddar, aged only six months, he has a soft texture and mild, almost creamy taste. By 12 months the texture becomes firmer and the taste is more intense. 18-month-old cheese is much drier, sometimes a crunchy crystals of calcium, but the taste is much spicy.

Manufacturers of Cheddar

Different manufacturers of texture and quality of cheese is different, and modern technology greatly facilitated its production, but none can match the depth and richness of flavor of cheese, produced on an individual farm. Here are a few well-known manufacturers of high quality farm Cheddar.
Denhay Cheddar (Dorset) - Deney cheese made from milk of cows with only their own farm. Also, the process of maturation takes place on the farm and the cheese is transported to its full readiness. C 1959 Cheddar Deney received numerous awards and gold medals British cheese awards.
Green's of Glastonbury (Somerset) - cheese factory, which now employs four generations of family members Green. During exposure, each cheese is turned by hand until fully ripe. Also produce organic cheddar.
Keen's (Somerset) - Keane family makes cheese in 1899. The entire production process takes place by hand. Cheddar cheese is the youngest is maintained for at least 10 months, with cheese, wrapped in cloth and is filled with fat. Cheese Kinsey has many awards for its high quality and delicious taste.
Montgomery's (Somerset) - the manufacturer is still using the old methods of production, which used 70 years ago in their family. This is one of the few manufacturers who use a natural enzyme from the stomach of calves, which is the source of the enzyme required for the coagulation of milk. Volume production is also small - 8-9 heads of cheese a day. Winner of many awards and holds honorary awards.
Quickes Traditional Cheeses (Devon) - the only traditional cheesemaker in his county, more than 450 years, they owned a farm where they raise 330 cows, which give excellent milk, from which are beautiful, fragrant and slightly buttery cheddar cheese. Winner of British cheese awards.
Westcombe Cheddar (Somerset) - traditional round cheese which is a longer exposure becomes stronger, a little pepper character. Another manufacturer, received a medal of English Cheese Prize.

How to eat

Many generations have used Cheddar cheese as an integral part of the British diet. With this cheese omelet cooked, it is used for sandwiches as a quick snack for lunch. It also turns out gorgeous Cheddar sauce, melting on the hot potato, or vegetables, cooked on the grill. A very popular snack in the composition of which has traditionally added to Cheddar - Welsh Rabbit (Welsh rabbit).
This cheese is served with red wine with a fruity bouquet of varieties of Merlot or Pinot Noir, aged cheddar and a perfect blend of vintage port.
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