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фамилия: Дорогобид

имя: Ирина

отчество: Анатольевна

число, месяц, год рождения: 17.12.1969

место проживания: п.г.т. Акимовка

улица 40-лет Победы

дом 21

квартира 6

образование: высшее педагогическое

место работы: Aкимовская ООШ №3

должность: заместитель директора по воспитательной работе,учитель трудового обучения,технологий, изобразительного искусства,художественной культуры

категория: І

стаж работы: 16 лет

Життя - це можливість, скористайся нею,
Життя - це краса, милуйся нею.
Життя - це мрія, здійсни її,
Життя - це виклик прийми його
Життя - це повинність твоя насущна виконай її.
Життя - це гра, стань гравцем,
Життя - це багатство, не розтрать його.
Життя - це кохання, насолоджуйся ним сповна.
Життя - це таемниця, пізнай її.
Життя - це король лиха, побори все.
Життя - це пісня, доспівай її до кінця.
Життя - це боротьба, стань борцем
Життя - це прірва невідомого, ступи в неї, не боячись.
Життя - це фортуна, шукай ту мить.
Життя - таке чудове, не загуби його.
Це твоє життя, борись за ньoго.

Мой фотоальбом [1]

Тренинг "Сервисы Веб 2.0" для учителей физиков-лириков Акимовского района

Моя програма для кружка "Юний модельер"[2]

Мой блог[3]

Мой маршрут Запорожье-Гуляйполе-Акимовка[4]

Вариативный модуль програми по трудовому обучению[5]

Рецепты продуктов[6]

Работы детские в Excel[7]

Моя презентация "Структура современного урока"[8]

The Best Trip in My Life When I was 23, I made a trip to Iturup Isle, one of the group of four in Kurile Islands. That trip was the best one in my life. Saying in advance I must admit that at the same time it was the most tiring journey in my life. Before it started, all of us were vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus.. Our group was of ten members, that is eight students, our lecturer and a doctor. The total weight of our luggage was about three hundred and fifty kilograms. From the very beginning we got to the Simferopol City by train, then to the town of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by plane and finally to Iturup Isle by ship. Two of the primary days of staying on Iturup were spent on acclimatization. The third day was in fact the first day of our real march. We went along the sea-shore among breakers of Okhotsk Sea on the left side and mountains of pumice stone on the right side. In the end of the first moving day, we met a rider, who proposed us to set up our camp near a military unit. We were very glad and agreed. That rider turned out to be an officer, who commanded a coast artillery battery. The battery was of six tank turrets dug into the ground. On the next day the officer led us to a cascade named Lyudmila. While walking back to our camp, the officer permitted us to shoot with his submachine gun over empty fuel kegs. In that morning we were surprised discovering fresh bear tracks around our tents. There were a female bear and her bear cub. A dozen days later, when our journey came to a close, we got known, that there were about nine hundred bears on Iturup Isle. While walking along bear paths during ten days we met three of them. We were lucky that the bears were not hungry in that season. Bears had a lot of food except us, that’s why they did not attack us. The first bear run away, the second one behaved calm and sullen. To tell you truth, we were very afraid of it. We actually forgot to make at least one photo of that bear. And the third bear we met frightened two of us to death. So, it happened that a young awkward woman and a lazy fellow got going a half of kilometer behind of the main body group. It become dark and a local bear grew bolder and started moving towards those woman and fellow. The latter screamed and sang songs, trying to scare the bear. They drank a bottle of vodka to encourage themselves. When our lecturer and two boys supported by two geologists brought those wretched persons to a geologists’ camp, that young woman fell her face down in a pool of dirty water and cried in hysterics for a quarter of an hour. One day, while waiting till a drizzle had stopped, we dug a pool near a hot mineral spring. It turned out the most wonderful bath I ever had in my life! It was drizzling, the temperature was about twelve above zero, but we were getting enjoinment swimming in hot mineral water! In another place we were led to a spring named Boiling. We swam in that hot spring too and tried to wash our linen with soup. But it was strange that the soup did not form a lather. In a few days we discovered that some of our clothes reduced to patches. It turned out, that Boiling Spring’s water contained some sulfuric acid, which damaged our clothes. Once, when we were resting from heavy rucksacks carrying, we felt an earthquake clearly. It seemed like an increasing vibration for a half of a minute or more. Later on we were talked about that earthquake that its magnitude was about 2 or 3 points on Richter scale. Another day we clambered on to an active volcano. The central volcano conduit was dormant, but on the one side of the volcano there were a group of outcrops of hydrogen sulfide. They looked like thick gas jets with powerful roar of them. We had to shout one another to get heard clearly. And there were masses of sulfur all over the ground. While waiting for a ship, we went fishing and hooked ten or more trout. It took us a week to get from Vladivostok to Kharkov by train. And the whole journey continued for more than a month. The photos may be attached. But the caviar that we bought for our relatives was eaten rather quickly.

Shkarupilo Alexander. 02/11/2010


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