Marmite is the symbol of Great Britain

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Повна назва статті: «Мармайта – символ Великої Британії». Мова статті: англійська. Даний матеріал можна використати під час вивчення теми «Харчування»(національна кухня Великої Британії та України)(рівень стандарту) в 10 класі. Тема уроку: «Традиційна кухня Великої Британії». Ця інформація допоможе активізувати пізнавальну діяльність учнів з даної теми, краще зрозуміти національні традиції британської кухні, розширить кругозір школярів.


Marmite is the symbol of Great Britain


The origin of the word

Marmite is a French word. It means «a large bowl for boiling». Perhaps, it is the same bowl, in which thick mixture was cooking. This product was very popular in Great Britain. That is why the French called it «English jam».

The history

Before the First World War in 1902 the representatives of English elite paid special attention to the soldiers, who were pale and exhausted because of lack of vitamins. Many soldiers in early youth had no teeth. Urgent attempts were made to liquidate problems with health. Golden age of brewer’s yeast of marmite began. The German chemist Y. Liebig was the first, who invented the recipe of marmite, but the English applied it in industry. At that time the Marmite Food Company Ltd started the production of legal British «drug» in Burton - on – Trent, which later became the symbol of Great Britain. In 1907 a new plant was built. Marmite was produced in ceramic pots, but in 1920 glass jars appeared. Later on marmite won two golden medals on food exhibitions.

What is marmite and why it is good for health

Marmite is a bitter - salty dark - brown glutinous mixture with exotic taste. It is rich in protein, vitamins, which are necessary for teeth, nails, hair and skin. Traditionally the English put a thin layer of marmite on the toast, but sometimes put it into different dishes for piquancy. According to statistics almost all the English, who eat marmite with bread regularly, never consult dentists.

Marmite nowadays

Nowadays marmite is exported to 30 countries of the world. 25 % of British people take the jar of marmite with them on vacations. One of the sculptors, Jeremy Fattorini, built seven feet sculpture from 420 jars of marmite. It was opened on St. Valentine’s Day in 2008. Jeremy called his sculpture «I love you, Marmite!»


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