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Статья знакомит с историeй Национального Гимна Великобритании («Боже, храни Короля/Королеву!»). Материал статьи может быть использован для проведения уроков в 6 классе по теме ‘Great Britain. Geographical Position and Political Outlook’ и на уроках страноведения в 10 классе.

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The British Royal and National Anthem is called ‘God Save the Queen/King’. (Listen and read the lyrics here)

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A copy of 'God Save the King' printed in 1745

‘God Save the Queen’, also called (during a kingship) ‘God Save the King’, became known as the National Anthem from the beginning of the nineteenth century. The origin of both the words and the music is anonymous. The earliest copy of the words appeared in Gentleman’s Magazine in 1745; the tune appeared about the same time in an anthology, Thesaurus Musicus—in both instances without attribution.

In September 1745 the ‘Young Pretender’ to the British Throne, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, defeated the army of King George II at Prestonpans, near Edinburgh. In a fit of patriotic fervour after news of Prestonpans had reached London, the leader of the band at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, arranged ‘God Save The King’ for performance after a play. It was a tremendous success and was repeated nightly.

This practice soon spread to other theatres, and the custom of greeting monarchs with the song as he or she entered a place of public entertainment was thus established.

The Custom

Queen Elizabeth II

Nowadays the British National Anthem is played whenever the Queen makes a public appearance and by the British Broadcasting Corporation every night before closedown. It is also sung at the end of all Remembrance Day services and at all sport ceremonies and matches.


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