The National symbols of Scotland. The Thistle

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He who has not seen Scotland.
does not really know Great Britain.
Scottish saying.


Scotland facts

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When we think of [1]Scotland we imagine dramatic mountains, shimmering lochs, tartan, bagpipes and fine malt whisky. Scotland is all of this and much more besides it is a land rich in royal heritage, with romantic castles, Highland Games and historic towns and cities, the wooded glens, meandering salmon rivers and picturesque fishing villages.

The Thistle

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The National symbols of Scotland include a diversity of official and unofficial images and other symbols. 
The national flower of Scotland is the thistle.[2]
It has been an emblem of the country for more than 700 years.
Today traditional Scottish families wear a thistle insignia, and it is a popular design for contemporary jewelry

Legend of the Thistle

The thistle has nothing pleasant in it, especially if you carelessly touch its thorns. But it has an important meaning for the people of Scotland. Why the thistle? [3]The answer can be found in the history. During a surprise night attack this plant saved the Scottish soldiers. The invaders shouted crossing the field because their bare feet touched the thorns of the thistles.

History of the Thistle


History of the thistle as the official royal emblem of Scotland occurred during the reign of James III in 1470 and was recognized as the royal badge of the Stuarts [4],the British monarchy who ruled Scotland from 1371 to 1714.
By 1474 ,the image of the thistle flower was engraved on silver coinage.
And by 1570 King James V established the most prestigious and noble honor of knighthood in Scotland ,known as “ The Order of the Thistle”[5].



The thistle flower is an ancient heraldic emblem symbolizing pain and suffering.

The thistle flower can treat people suffering from melancholy.

Popular uses


The Scottish thistle ( also known as Cotton thistle) grows throughout England ,and its cotton fibers are used to stuff pillows.

In Scotland,the image of the thistle flower is still seen on modern bank notes.

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