Union Flag (Union Jack)

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Статья знакомит с основными фактами истории возникновения та становления государственного флага Соединенного королевства, известного как Юнион Флэг или Юнион Джек. Материал статьи может быть использован для проведения уроков в 6 классе по теме ‘Great Britain. Geographical Position and Political Outlook’.

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Union Flag

The Union Flag or the Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom



In 1603 James VI of Scots was crowned as James I of England [1]. He called his new realm the Kingdom of Great Britain (after the name of the island on which England, Scotalnd and Wales lie) as he hoped for a union for Scotland and England. But in fact the kingdoms were separate as South Britain and North Britain. And they had different flags. The English flew the cross of St George, their patron saint, and the Scots theirs of St Andrew

King James I decided to create a union flag for the new kingdom and issued a proclamation about it on April 12th, 1606.

Unfortunately the original design of the flag has been lost. But it is supposed it was made up of the cross of St George and the cross of St Andrew. There were also other variants proposed.

The present design of the flag was made official after the Act of Union 1800, which merged the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


According to the Official Website of the British Monarchy the national flag of the United Kingdom can be called both the Union Flag and the Union Jack [2]

When the flag was first introduced in 1606 it was known as ‘the British flag’. The first use of the word ‘Union’ appears in 1625. The word ‘jack’ was in use before 1600 to describe a small flag flown from the small mast mounted on the bowsprit, and by 1627 a small version of the Union flag was commonly flown in this position. For some years it was called just 'the Jack', or 'Jack flag', or 'the King's Jack', but by 1674 it was commonly called the Union Jack, and this was officially acknowledged.

Now the Union Jack flag is the most common name for the flag of the United Kingdom [3]

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